Service Yezu Mwiza is located in Bujumbura, Burundi. By means of economical, psycho-social and medical supporting activities, SYM supports individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and those who might be at risk of contracting the disease and other sexually transmitted diseases. SYM promotes universal access to reproductive health information and responsible parenting to youth, including religious youth animators, and single mothers.
Of recent, SYM has enlarged its horizons seeking to reach more youth in the eight provinces of the country in a program funded by CARE-International. SYM plays a crucial role in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and the care for people infected with HIV thanks to a strategy called ‘Mobile Clinic’ in the whole province of Bujumbura and the outskirts of the City of Bujumbura.



Urumuri for webUrumuri Centre was created in 1992 to serve as a complementary social arm of the spiritual centre – Centre Christus – which has been in existence since 1969.
The Centre derives its inspiration from Catholic Social Teaching and the Jesuit commitment to the propagation of faith and the promotion of justice. Urumuri endeavours to foster the gospel values of social justice in our context, paying particular attention to the welfare of the very poor.
Through publications, conferences, library facilities, and youth-formation, Urumuri Centre provides a platform for debates aimed at raising awareness of the inequality and the marginalization of vulnerable persons in society. The platform also aims at finding solutions at the grassroots.
Urumuri Centre discharges its duties with a fourfold approach: formation, social support, publication and advocacy, and documentation.

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