Kimironko2By Dominique Savio Habyarima, SJ
Saint Ignatius High School, Rwanda

The Jesuit Community of Saint Ignatius marked the resurrection of the Lord in communion with the people in the neighbourhood of Kimironko area. The preparations to the solemn celebration began on Holy Thursday. For three days, the community of the Faithful in Kimironko prayed together, journeyed together, and walked together in true fellowship.

At the liturgy of the Easter Vigil, in that long night also known as the “the mother of all nights”, we were graced by the presence of the Regional Superior, Rev. Fr. Jean Baptiste Ganza, SJ who also presided over the celebrations of our Lord’s resurrection.

 In his homily, Fr. Ganza used the image of the corns of the cows to explain the attachment of mankind to Christ through baptism. He illustrated the way the corns of a cow depend entirely on the cow. Corns are attached and connected to the head of the cow; they can apparently swim, though in reality without the support from the cow, they cannot do anything on their own. Such dependence is what baptism makes of us in relation to Jesus Christ. We, the baptised are all attached to Christ and, thanks to the salvation he has earned for us, we also partake in his glorious victory over death. It is thus in associating ourselves with Christ that we realize how much his mighty power of love is what keeps us standing. We depend on God’s love and the resurrection event attests to the fact, since it is through this miracle of God’s love for us that we become partakers of the eternal glory in God’s kingdom.

The Easter celebration was very much refreshing for all Christians who got the chance to walk the walk of the paschal event. We pray that the Easter time continues to live in us in every action of our everyday life.

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