Fr General and a kid HifiveFriday, 28 April 2017

Very Rev. Fr. Arturo Sosa, SJ began his visit of the RWB region this Friday, 28th April 2017. He was accompanied by Rev. Fr. Fratern Masawe, SJ and Fr. Paul Claudio, both assistants to the General, Rev. Fr. Orobator Agbonkhianmeghe, SJ, the President of JESAM and Rev. Fr. Klaus Väthröder, SJ, Director of Jesuiten Mission, Nuremberg, Germany.

In his tour of the Jesuit works in Kigali, Fr. Sosa, SJ met the children studying at Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace and at Saint Ignatius High School. Pupils and administrative staff at the two schools had prepared to welcome the Superior General of the Society of Jesus with various kinds of entertainments, eloquent speeches, and some gift souvenirs.

At the Saint Ignatius High School, both the rector and the students’ representative praised the achievements that the school has registered in the past six years of its existence. They both highlighted the effect of Ignatian Pedagogy in the teaching methodology adopted by the school and acknowledged the support the Society of Jesus provides to ensure the growth of the school. The regional superior of the Rwanda-Burundi Region echoed the same while adding that the education that the school provides comes at a very crucial time in a country like Rwanda which is still rebuilding itself after the disaster of the genocide that the country has known.

In his address to the students, Rev. Fr. Arturo Sosa, SJ praised the staff and students for the work they are doing and encouraged the Jesuits in their trust and commitment. He mentioned that he also is a graduant from a Jesuit High School which had started very small but with time, little by little has emerged into a big school. He told the school administrative staff that they are not alone. God is with them, and the Society of Jesus is with them too. He encouraged them to keep the spirit of the magis; a spirit that reminds everyone that they can do more and better, he added. “Magis moves [you] to be always better in service to others, to the African continent, and to the entire human society”, as he summoned the students. He concluded his address inviting students to join the Society of Jesus: “we want to have Jesuits from you. Open your eyes and ears, and pray for that with me, so that we may have more Jesuits” to continue the work your instructors are now doing.

He bid his farewell to the teaching staff thanking them for the warm welcome they had given them. In his words, “my experience in Rwanda and in this school is unforgettable.”

After the midday break, the General continued his visit during which he held a private conversation with Jesuits present in Kigali and met with the representatives of the Jesuit Alumni Association in Rwanda together with the members of the Christian Live Community (CLC).

While addressing the CLC and Jesuit Alumni assemblies, Fr Genera, SJ mentioned that he finds himself in both groups. He was once a member of a Marian Movement before joining the Society of Jesus, and he has been at a Jesuit school for his primary and secondary education. He assured the two groups about the commitment of the Society of Jesus to education and Christian life. He however challenged them also to remain faithful to their commitments. To the alumni, he said that it is always good to meet to remind themselves about the old “good” days and the experience they have had with father so and so at School. But the story should not end there; for they should strive to keep the Christian commitment well alive in each member of their association. To the CLC members, he said that after his election as the General of the Society of Jesus, the first request he received was to be the ecclesiastic assistant of the Christian Life Community. He encouraged them to keep their commitment keeping watch not to fall into the temptation of being absorbed by the Jesuits. He said so, reminding them that CLC is an independent lay movement; they should thus not let themselves be taken up by Jesuits, despite the fact that there may be significant collaboration in many ways.

After the meeting, Father General with the Jesuits in Kigali took some time at the genocide memorial at Centre Christus to pay homage to their companions laid to rest therein. The busy schedule of the day was concluded with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided over by Father General with the Christian faithful of Centre Christus.

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